Adlerhalle at the Model Project Rathausblock
Mehringdamm 20, 10961, Berlin
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Mobility has suddenly become a crucial issue for us – scholars, practitioners, urban
researchers, and activists, who currently find themselves scattered across Europe and the world. We long considered mobility a privilege we had access to.

However, the events following Russia's full scale invasion in Ukraine in February 2022
forced us to rethink our perception of mobility. As a result, we've decided
to make it the topic of the URBANCONFEST scheduled for December 2 in Berlin.

URBANCONFEST is a hybrid of a conference and a festival, incorporating
diverse formats to tackle complex topics. We prioritize interactive,
interdisciplinary, experimental, and playful approaches.
Main scene
Morning coffee
Main scene
Elena Stein, chairwoman of CISR e.V.

Enrico Schönberg, AG StadtWERKSTATT at Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Rathausblock-Modellprojekt
Main scene
Kick-off discussion: Ich will (nicht) nach Berlin! Or: Is there life (in Germany) beyond the capital?

Pros, cons & alternatives of the inner "migration of migrants" to Berlin more
Main scene
How mobility affects integration? A case of immigrants designated to live in small German towns
A round table with an interactive element invites everyone to reflect on migration to small towns in Germany, on the limitations and opportunities of this situation more

Room 1
Berlin Transport Board Game Workshop
Workshop in a roll-n-right format for working out a concept for the board-game on public transportation in Berlin more

Room 2
The mobility aspects of placemaking
The interactive workshop will invite audience to explore more about placemaking and its role as inclusive planning tool more

Room 3
Cemetery walk & talk
An interactive walk on the cemetery and discussion on how is mobility reflected in cemetery practices and rituals in Berlin and Oslo more

Room 3
FENCH: ZABEIKA out of context
An intervention and a tactical resistance to city borders by means of ZABEIKA: practice and discussion more
Main scene
Lunch Break
Main scene
Urban Slam — battle for the city
Urban Slam: a publicly conducted dialog on a particular topic in a battle format more

Room 1
Magic of Tarot: challenging rationalization in the times of uncertainty
Tarot-moderated discussions: come and experience the magic of Tarot to reflect on issues such as: language, identity and (self-)identification, migration etc. more

Room 2
Channeling Rage for Queer Mobility and Spatial Justice
Group work seminar more

Room 3
Dialogues of the Displaced or Freedom and non-freedom of movement
A participatory reading and an exhibition "Dialogues of the Displaced" invites the audience to perceive the complexities of being a political migrant, a refugee, or a displaced person more

Main scene
Coffee Break
combined with the space-specific dance performance What is "Home" / Where is "Home" more

Main scene
"Where is Berlin heading? From Slums to the Olympics"
Podcast "Kanzler and Berghain" visits Urbanconfest: Interactive Discussion more

Room 1
Fluid Safety | Registration
A game-based workshop exploring the concepts of safety, as well as the perceived sense of safety in the urban mobility process more

Room 2
Homo Ludens and Biodiversity Loss: Where will we end in 2050?
The game-simulaiton about (un)freedom of choices we do in our daily life in regards to the nature preservation and an input in the biodiversity and sustainable urban futures more

Room 3
«I always win this game»
Warm-up stand-up session based on the artistic (self)research and a joint experience with URBANCONFEST public of laughing, learning, healing and engaging communication more
Main scene
Closing event: AIGEL perfomance and DJ-set by Vachedin

Performative programme
Whole day
Masha Sapizhak
Interactive video-installation, connecting those, who stayed and those, who left more

Anastasia Nasonkina
Whiskers, wheels and wings: a Pet's Odyssey or Tales of the Great Migration
Participatory game about pet's transportation, who's owners emigrate to another countries because of war more

Maria Kremer
Lost and Found Bureau
Participative installation with discussions about left homes with Maria Kremer at 12:15 and 19:00 more

Lena Sisileva

Moms of Peace
Street-art project about safety in an unsafe world, relocated from Siberia to Berlin more

Angelina Davydova, Masha Sapizhak
"Good night, Fox! Talks in rainy Summer in Berlin"
Pop-up audio-installation inspired by one rainy summer evening in Berlin more
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Adlerhalle at the Model Project Rathausblock
Mehringdamm 20, 10961, Berlin

Public Transit
U6, U7
Buses 140, M19, U7

  • Dr. Elena Stein
    chairwoman at CISR e.V., producer of urban projects, initiator of @urbanconfest
  • Lilia Voronkova
    social anthropologist, curator, initiator of @urbanconfest

  • Oleg Pachenkov
    Einstein Research Fellow (HU Berlin), sociologist and urbanist, initiator of @urbanconfest
  • Dr. Ammalia Podlaszewska
    Chairwoman at Culture Goes Europe (CGE)
  • Petr Slastenin
    Architect & Urbanist
  • Ha Phan
    Architect & Urbanist
  • Eva Rapoport
    cultural anthropologist, coordinator of the Istanbul branch of the Ark (Kovcheg)
  • Polina Shurupova
    urban studies student, researcher, member of ZABEIKA-s movement
  • Andrey Moiseykin
    politician, current municipal deputy of St. Petersburg, elected on an urban agenda; leader of the opposition deputy faction
  • Nana Shamatava
    media law expert, history researcher, The Tbilisi School For Social Research
  • Zafar Saydaliev
    managing Director of CGE Erfurt e.V.
  • Sopiko Gokadze
    an independent researcher, former specialist at the National Social Care Agency, The Tbilisi School For Social Research
  • Maria Kremer
    founder of interdisciplinary Zvon studio, architect and artist based in Yerevan
  • Masha Sapizhak
    theater-maker, performance artist
  • Marina Bulavsky
    nonprofit consultant, gender equality advocate, and researcher
  • Pavel Grabalov
    urban researcher, PhD from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Demid Pokhilchuk
    sociology student and tarot reader
  • Luigi Barraza Cárdenas
  • Lera Lerner
    artist, curator, mediator, founder of the Imaginary Museum of Displaced Persons
  • Matvey Garapach
    participant of ZABEIKA movement
  • Xiaoji Song
    artist and researcher based in Berlin
  • Anastasia Nasonkina
    artist, sound-designer
  • Grigory Skarchenko
    lawyer, former head of the Irkutsk's Urban Projects Foundation
  • lena SisIleva
    visual artist
  • Mikhail Kadyrov
    entrepreneur, urban researcher, founder of the anti-war initiative "Vpisochnaya"

  • Anton Polsky
    social artist, researcher, game designer

  • Angelina Davydova
    journalist, essayist, author
  • Dancelab_27 & Sven Seeger
    international Berlin-based performance collective
  • Katya Romanova
    designer and producer of socio-cultural projects related to cities, participation and urban storytelling
  • Natalia Pavlenko
    producer of urban educational programs, educational designer, researcher and creator of educational programs, founder of Interra Saqartvelo
  • Mariana Matoso
    facilitator at Culture Goes Europe (CGE), PLANET4B Learning Community member
  • Vladislav Artiukhov
    facilitator & project manager at Culture Goes Europe (CGE), PLANET4B Learning Community member
  • Ekaterina Kalinina
    researcher, PhD, institute for media studies at Stockholm University; managing director Nordkonst
  • Arkadiy Gershman
    author of youtube-channel «City for People»
  • Alex Yusupov
    politologist, policy advisor
  • Dima Vachedin
  • Steffen Präger
    establisher of the Saline 34 project (Erfurt); specialised on strengthening civil society structures beyond major cities, especially in East German
  • Enrico Schönberg
    AG StadtWERKSTATT at Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Rathausblock-Modellprojekt
  • Egor Muleev
    research associate in Leibniz Institute for Regional Development
  • Vitaliy Bovarв
    historian, politician, researcher at the Center "Collective action"
  • Alex Hanganu
    urbanconfest volunteer
  • Sofia Sazonova
    urbanconfest volunteer
  • Mihaela Mogîldea
    urbanconfest volunteer
  • Natalia Gushchina
    urbanconfest volunteer
  • Emma Reuter
    urbanconfest volunteer
  • Octavian Fedco
    urbanconfest volunteer
  • Irina Dolinschi
    urbanconfest volunteer
  • Nicole Dauch
    urbanconfest volunteer
  • Anatolii Morozov
    urbanconfest volunteer
  • Ivan Gadalov
    architect & urbanist
  • Maria Ostroumova
    architect & designer
  • Marina Vilgota
    architect & designer
  • Anastasia Pusсhkarewa
    coordinator of non-formal educational, sociocultural and urban projects

    CISR e.V.
  • Lera Rumiantseva
    producer of civic projects
  • Sonya Arshinova
    producer of culture and education projects
  • Pasha Andreev
    independent facilitator, producer of urban educational programs
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